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Kilimanjaro National Park Safari

Posted by Angella Grey on 14th, October 2014
Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - Photo of An Amazing Sunset at the Kilimanjaro National Park in Kilimanjaro Region,Tanzania   Kilimanjaro National Park - UNESCO World Heritage Site One of the reasons why you need to visit Mount Kilimanjaro is that it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to the following attributes: Its spectacular mountain scenery that comprises of the highest point in Africa, the Uhuru Peak at 5895m, a number of lakes, remnant glaciers, bog filled valleys, three main peaks, craters and waterfalls. It is a free standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak. It is also among the world’s largest volcanoes covering over 4,000km2. This mountain is home to endemic and rare species, notably, four bird species that are vulnerable as well as two nearly threatened species. There are also endemic plant species.       Trekking Africa African Safari Holid Readmore »


Amazing Places To Enjoy Fall

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 11th, October 2014
Amazing Places To Enjoy Fall Fall is the most colorful season of the year when you get to see beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange everywhere you turn. It is a time when the leaf-peeping season is at its peak and the parks are a stunning sight to behold. One of the ways to enjoy autumn is by visiting different spots to fully enjoy fall foliage, when leaves create an incredibly colorful splendor. This could mean taking a walk in the crisp air, going for a late afternoon drive or simply taking a train ride.   Amazing Places To Enjoy Fall | Places To See Great Fall Foliage Top Ten Locations For A Fall Getaway   If you are not sure of some of the places to see foliage this fall, here are some suggestions of some cool locations to consider: Mont Tremblant – This exquisite location in Quebec offers more than fall foliage, as you can engage in a couple of outdoor activities within a backdrop of its spectacular beauty. Activities Readmore »


Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 06th, October 2014
Thanksgiving Holiday Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday in Canada, is celebrated on the secound Monday of October each year. The Thanksgiving tradition observed since 1957 is aimed at giving people an opportunity to give thanks for the past year’s good harvest as well as other blessings. However, this has changed over the years with many households focusing on getting together for a dinner where they eat a large turkey.     Thus, turkey stuffing, pumpkin pie and apple cider are all symbols of every Thanksgiving celebration. This year, the Thanksgiving holiday will be on Monday October 13. The holiday was created following the proclamation of the Parliament of Canada and is therefore is a statutory holiday and most Canadians have the day off from work. post offices and schools are closed. day off work. Public transportion is limited on Thanksgiving since most businesses are closed. Prior to this proclamation, the first Thanksgiving Day was held in 1872 to Readmore »


Rideau Canal Boating

Posted by Angella Grey on 14th, September 2014
Rideau Canal Boating   Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - A view of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa   One of the notable things is that every lock is unique and well equipped with picnic facilities, overnight mooring facilities, washrooms, benches, barbecue grills and tables. These locks are opened for navigation in mid-May through to mid-October. Visitors coming through to the Rideau Canal during this time get to enjoy canoeing, cruises and kayaking. On the other hand, the canal often becomes as skate way during winter as it is the largest naturally skating rink in the world. If you are into history then you will do well to consider checking out a number of the museums at the Rideau Canal where you will get to see a rich blend of modern technology and historic artifacts. There are about ten museums with each offering something unique that will give you a glimpse into the history of the Canal and Canada as a whole.   Other places and activities of interest in Readmore »


Rideau Canal In Ottawa

Posted by Angella Grey on 13th, September 2014
Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - A view of the Rideau Canal locks in Ottawa to the right the the Fairmont Château Laurie hotel   Rideau Canal Rideau Canal is one of the must see places for tourists in Ottawa. This is because it consists of 47 lock stations as well as beautiful rivers and lakes that are connected to each other by canals. In addition, it offers a scenic view that has rightly earned it the title of a visitors’ paradise. Moreover, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Canadian Heritage River and National Historic Site of Canada. This canal was built at a time when Canada was afraid of a potential attack from the United States and stretches over a distance of 125 miles from Ottawa to Kingston. You can visit this oldest canal in the history of North America by car, boat, on foot or by bicycle. Using a boat is perhaps the best option because it lets you get the entire ambiance of the entire region. Driving is also interesting because yo Readmore »


Amazing Sunset at the Kilimanjaro National Park

Posted by Angella Grey on 10th, September 2014
Amazing Sunset at the Kilimanjaro National Park Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - Photo of An Amazing Sunset at the Kilimanjaro National Park in Kilimanjaro Region,Tanzania   Kilimanjaro National Park Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro National Park is one of the top tourist destinations in East Africa that you need to include in your bucket list. Interestingly, a large percentage of visitors to this park are not driven by the wildlife but a chance to get to the majestic snowcapped peak of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro that stands at 5896m. The best time to visit this park that is home to the volcanic mountain that has seven iconic summits is between during the dry season usually between June and October. The park also has a rainforest that hosts a range of wildlife species that include monkeys, leopards, buffaloes, eland and elephants among others. Bird watchers can also get a treat at the Kilimanjaro National Park.     Readmore »


Top Ten Travel Destinations in East Africa

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 07th, September 2014
Top Ten Travel Destinations in East Africa East Africa is synonymous with safari and wildlife. However, there is so much more that you can enjoy when you travel to the top ten travel destinations in East Africa. In fact, it is home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and spectacular sights to complete any holiday experience. From the great wildebeest migration, the breathtaking pristine beaches to the hospitable people and magnificent scenery, you can never go wrong with a visit to East Africa. With so many places to choose from, Travel to Africa Here are the top ten travel destinations in East Africa that you must visit when you travel to East Africa: Malindi – This is one of the cities that are located along the Indian Ocean coast in Kenya. This destination is a favorite for visitors from East Africa and beyond because of the wonderful beaches, rich Swahili culture and extensive reefs. It is ideal for water sports such as snorkeling, deep sea Readmore »


10 Exciting Things to Do in Mexico

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 16th, August 2014
10 Exciting Things to Do in Mexico Going on a vacation to Mexico can be quite fulfilling as Mexico is rated one of the most exciting tourist destinations in North America. Home to many destination listed on UNESCO's world heritage sites, as well as alluring underwater caverns, lively sea life and mysterious stone ruins you can be sure to have a mix of adventure and relaxation to complete your Mexican vacation. Whether you are interested in a cruise, strolling past the ancient ruins, playing golf, water sports, shopping, spending time on the beautiful sandy beaches, seeing exotic wildlife or visiting historical sites, there is something  for everyone in Mexico. Things to do in Mexico Mexico, a country that welcomes millions of visitors each year is a melting point of different cultures and traditions. Its rich history and beautiful scenery will make your vacation a life thrilling experience.   Tropical Plant in Mexico   Here are some of the places and Readmore »


African Safari Holiday

Posted by Eva Krakowski on 30th, June 2014
  Travel photo of the day by Eva Krakowski - A group of zebra enjoying the attention at the Kilimanjaro National Park in Kilimanjaro Region,Tanzania   Getting There The Kilimanjaro National Park that is also most visited lies about 300 meters south of the equator within the Kilimanjaro region and is the most visited park in Tanzania. It is near the city of Moshi and covers an area of 1688 square kilometers. There is an international airport, JRO in Kilimanjaro so you can jet in from airlines like Turkish airlines, Ethiopian airways, Condor Air, Qatar airways, KLM and Kenya airways that have direct flights to this airport. Alternatively you can use domestic flights to connect to this airport from other parts of Tanzania. You can also opt to go use the buses that ply between Marangu and Moshi. The park can be accessed through a couple of gates that include Londorosi, Marangu and Machame among others.         A Readmore »


Parliament Hill and Buildings

Posted by Angella Grey on 05th, June 2014
  Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - A view of the East block of the Parliament Hill and Buildings in Ottawa   Gothic Revival Architecture Design Parliament buildings comprise of three main blocks namely the West, East, Center and Peace Tower that open up to open grounds with monuments of some of the significant political figures that shaped Canada’s history. Interestingly, the architects of this building were picked through a competition that saw numerous entries whose styles that fell in two distinct categories; Gothic Revival associated with the British Parliament and Neoclassical that was identified with American republicanism. The picturesque Gothic Revival style was thought to be the best representation of Parliamentary democracy and was thus chosen. Consequently, the West and East blocks were awarded to Augustus Laver and Thomas Stent while Thomas Fuller was awarded the center block. The center block was later rebuilt following destruction by fire. Readmore »

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