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10 Exciting Things to Do in Mexico

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 16th, August 2014
10 Exciting Things to Do in Mexico Going on a vacation to Mexico can be quite fulfilling,Mexico is rated as one of the most exciting tourist destinations in North America. With the presence of UNESCO world heritage sites, alluring underwater caverns, lively sea life and mysterious stone ruins among other attractions you can be sure to have a mix of adventure and relaxation to complete your Mexican vacation. Whether you are interested in a cruise, strolling past the ancient ruins, playing golf, water sports, shopping, spending time on the beautiful sandy beaches, seeing exotic wildlife or visiting historical sites, there is always something in Mexico for everyone. Things to Do in Mexico Mexico is a boiling point of different cultures and traditions that have blended with its rich history as well as beautiful scenery that will make your vacation a life thrilling experience. Mexico welcome millions of visitors every year.   Tropical Plant in Mexico   Some Readmore »


Happy Easter - The Season To Hunt For Eggs

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 19th, April 2014
Travel photo of the day by Doris Fontaine     ** Great Wedding Resources: 1. Father of the Bride Speech 2. Wise Wedding Planning: The Perfect Theme Wedding 3. Best Man Wedding Speech 4. Wedding Speech For All     Affordable Beach Weddings Best Destination Weddings Weddings in the Caribbean Readmore »


Gastronomic Travel Experience

Posted by Eva Krakowski on 27th, March 2014
A Polish Gastronomic Travel Experience Poland a great place to visit,share good food and laughter as the sun shines and the day takes its time to come to an end. Some of great history of Europe is waiting for you to explore.   Travel photo of the day by Eva Krakowski   Many people from around the world head to Poland each year, many hoping to be able to immerse themselves in the history and culture of this fascinating destination. However, there are also many families that visit Poland and for those with younger children it is important to be able to access attractions that are suitable for kids in order to keep them entertained over the course of the trip.  Poland has a lot to offer everyone.       A Summer Day In Gdansk Let’s Go See GDANSK Weekend Break In Barcelona Readmore »


Happy Valentine's Day from Jamaica

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 14th, February 2014
Travel photo of the day from Doris Fontaine         Places To Visit In Barbados Hurricane Tips Safety Holiday in Barbados Readmore »


Saying Goodbye To Fall

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 17th, November 2013
Saying Goodbye To Fall   Travel photo of the day by Doris Fontaine - Leaves on the ground from a Canadian Maple trees in Mont Tremblant Quebec Canada.         Gatineau NationalPark Free Photography Tips Rideau Canal Skateway Readmore »


Newfoundland Kaleidoscope of Colours

Posted by Angella Grey on 14th, November 2013
St John's Newfoundland is the capital and largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador, and is considered by many historian to be the oldest English-founded city in North America. Isn't that totally amazing!! St John's is famous for its odd,unique shaped harbour which for centuries being the centre of activities for this great city. Must see: Rainbow-coloured row houses which are so beautiful especially the view from the surrounding hillsides. Boats leaving and returning to the St John's harbour - you could sit for hours enjoying this beautiful view Must do: Visit the pubs on George Street Travel Photo of the day from Angella Grey           Greenwich National Park Casting Off At Peggys Cove Adventure Trip Canada Readmore »


7 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2013

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 13th, November 2013
7 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2013 Each year, holiday makers retreat to thousands of different travel destinations around the globe to unwind, embrace nature or just discover new places. While some people prefer destinations with exotic pristine beaches, others simply opt for historical destinations. Regardless of your reason for a travel vacations, it often get better when one goes on adventure to discover amazing attractions that will leave you wishing you had more time to spend and enjoy more from these places. For this reason, top holiday destinations keep on changing as people discover new, unexplored yet iconic and exotic places during their vacations. Here are some of the hottest travel destinations of 2013 that have been on the spotlight. Mexico City – This destination defied all odds to be a favorite vacation target for many with the number of visitors in 2013 standing at over 12 million. This is not surprising taking into account th Readmore »


Old Town Charm Sandomierz

Posted by Eva Krakowski on 12th, November 2013
Sandomierz is a very attractive old town in the south-eastern part of Poland. Known for its Old town charm, it is a major tourist attraction for travellers to Poland and the surrounding countries. It is one of the oldest and most historically and significant cities in Poland.   With 800 years of history the town was first mentioned by Gall Anonimin in a chronicle dating from the 11th century. In polish history records it is said that King Boleslaw Krzywousty in his last will declared Sandomierz to be the capital of a duchy. Pretty cool stuff ..... I feel like singing the Polish National Anthem now!! ( all smiles)   Travel photo of the day by Eva Krakowski           Dear Poland A Swiss Holiday Moment Let’s Go See GDNASK Readmore »


Canadian Secret

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 07th, November 2013
Can you keep a secret? Yes ? OK then, I have this secret and its only for you and yours. Have you discover Mont-Tremblant ? Well, you need to visit this place..... this place simple rocks!!   Travel Photo of the day from Doris Fontaine Mont-Tremblant is literally a mountain village enclave in one of the most "beautifulest" spot in the province of Quebec, it lies due North of the Canada's capital city of Ottawa.Its gives you that European feeling.   Mont-Tremblant has a very long list of first class resorts that are open all year long.   It's simple a place when its time to leave, you wish you had just arrive.           Time For Me Vacation Spots in Spain A Swiss Holiday Moment Readmore »


Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak !

Posted by Angella Grey on 05th, November 2013
As India Celebrate Diwali we like to wish all our clients,friends and business associates a celebration filled with great dancing, happiness, peace, and good food. Happy Diwali Everyone !   Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - Thank you for your support over the years. - Your kindness have not gone unnoticed.   Holiday to India Kerala Sightseeing Backwaters of Kerala Readmore »

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