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Why I Love Winter

Posted by Angella Grey on 24th, January 2015
For some, the term “Winter is Coming” reminds them all too much of Game of Thrones and often elicits either a few “did you just say that stares” or a bout of giggles. For others, like myself, when you say “Winter is coming” our inner child dances about with joy at the prospect of snow angels, cancellations, Christmas, and more! As a perpetual optimist I’ve never quite understood exactly why people dread the inevitable winter months. Yes they’re cold and yes sometimes it’s a pain to navigate, but unless you plan on hibernating in a region close to the equator during the winter months, there’s really nothing else you can do about the situation. So, whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, here’s a list of the absolute best reasons why I love winter to hopefully fill your own inner child with glee and preparing you for the ushering in of th Readmore »


Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Angella Grey on 21st, December 2014
Holiday Gift Guide It’s the most wonderful time of the year. This is one of the lines of a popular Christmas song, and it really brings to mind the beauty and joy of Christmas time. However, it is also a troubling time where you need to buy gifts for your loved ones, and often you end up at a loss as to what on earth you are going to buy them. You want to make sure that it is something they like, and at the same time you do not want to break the bank. This holiday gift guide is intended to give you some helpful tips to make Christmas shopping a fun experience, rather than a difficult one.     Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Gift Guide     First off, consider keeping a small notebook where you jot down any things your relatives or friends may have mentioned throughout the year. It is common to hear them say they need something, or they liked something they saw in an advert or in a shop window. The notebook will prove really helpful when Readmore »


Amazing Places To Enjoy Christmas

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 07th, December 2014
Amazing places to enjoy Christmas This holiday season it’s time to leave the house and go somewhere unique for an unforgettable Christmas! While the lure of a sunny beach and ice cold drinks may sound appetizing, spending Christmas in a tropical location simply does not feel the same. Instead of heading south this Christmas, we encourage you to postpone any migratory vacations in lieu of something a bit more authentic and magical. Whether it’s the Christmas carolers bundled up in layers as they sing holiday songs, or it’s the twinkling fairy lights decorating the snowcapped buildings throughout the cities, there’s just something truly heartwarming and magical that puts you in the festive spirit when you visit some of these locations listed below during the holiday season.   From Paris to New York, we’ve got a list of the top locations you should consider visiting this December that will truly get you in the holiday spirit! &nb Readmore »


Father Of The Bride Speech- Step by Step

Posted by Angella Grey on 04th, December 2014
Your role as the father of the bride extends from being the host of the wedding to offering support to the bride. You are also expected to give a toast to the happy couple, sending your blessings that will last a lifetime. Your speech is something that should be memorable. All eyes will be on you and your toast, whether warm or humorous should come straight from the heart. Why there is no need to fret? While you will know majority of the guests at the wedding, there will be guests whom you are not familiar. If you are easily intimidated by the presence of strangers, remember, you have the advantage of knowing most of the guests as they are either your family or friends, and all of the guests are there because they love your daughter and her husband to be. You also have the advantage of your wedding toast not being the first event at the reception, so you have plenty of time to warm up to the crowd. With that said, here are step-by-step instructions on delivering Readmore »


Poland Holidays

Posted by Eva Krakowski on 16th, November 2014
Top vacation spots in Poland While there are a myriad of historical and naturally beautiful places to visit in Europe, none boast the stunning mountains and diverse terrain seen in Poland. From beaches, lakes, mountains, and flatlands, you get the best of nature and can enjoy an array of bustling villages and historic cities on your visit.   Unfortunately due to Poland’s amazing diversity and sheer number of activities offered, it can be difficult choosing the perfect vacation spot. How can you possibly decide between a lavish beachside resort on the Baltic Sea and a thrilling ski trip high in the mountains with warm lodges and crackling fires awaiting your return? While it won’t be an easy feat, making that decision, we’ve come to help with a listing of four of the top vacation spots in Poland – each with its own unique charm and allure. Continue reading below to learn more! The Town of Zakopane Far on the south side of Poland is a Readmore »


Top Vacation Spots in Poland

Posted by Eva Krakowski on 05th, November 2014
Top vacation spots in Poland Welcome to our three (3) part article series on discovering Poland Poland is an old and magical country rife with diversity, natural beauty, and history. You can travel to the west of Poland and be amazed at the stunning mountains that tower high into the sky; however heading east brings you to flat lands that are filled with amazing flora and fauna. While there are a myriad of other countries in Europe to visit, Poland has always been and will remain to be one of the top destinations due simply because there is so much to do and the people are welcoming and kind. Whether you’re a single traveler visiting Poland on business, or you’re backpacking with a group of friends across Europe and stopping by Poland, there is simply so much to see and do!     Below we will cover the first three of the top ten destinations in Poland for you to vacation at – each with its own unique feel just beckoning you t Readmore »


Halloween Party

Posted by Angella Grey on 31st, October 2014
Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - The famous Secret Bench,by Lea Vivot in front of the National Archives on Wellington Street in Ottawa is eloquently decorated for Halloween   Happy Halloween to you and yours!   ** Great Romantic Getaway Fun Resources: 1. The Worlds Most Romantic, Unique And Fun Dating Ideas 2. Dating Advice for Women 3. What Husbands Just Cant Resist     Mexico Celebrates the Day of the Dead Day of the Dead Haunted Prague City Breaks Readmore »


Kilimanjaro National Park Safari

Posted by Angella Grey on 14th, October 2014
Travel photo of the day by Angella Grey - Photo of An Amazing Sunset at the Kilimanjaro National Park in Kilimanjaro Region,Tanzania   Kilimanjaro National Park - UNESCO World Heritage Site One of the reasons why you need to visit Mount Kilimanjaro is that it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site owing to the following attributes: Its spectacular mountain scenery that comprises of the highest point in Africa, the Uhuru Peak at 5895m, a number of lakes, remnant glaciers, bog filled valleys, three main peaks, craters and waterfalls. It is a free standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak. It is also among the world’s largest volcanoes covering over 4,000km2. This mountain is home to endemic and rare species, notably, four bird species that are vulnerable as well as two nearly threatened species. There are also endemic plant species.       Trekking Africa African Safari Holid Readmore »


Amazing Places To Enjoy Fall

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 11th, October 2014
Amazing Places To Enjoy Fall Fall is the most colorful season of the year when you get to see beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange everywhere you turn. It is a time when the leaf-peeping season is at its peak and the parks are a stunning sight to behold. One of the ways to enjoy autumn is by visiting different spots to fully enjoy fall foliage, when leaves create an incredibly colorful splendor. This could mean taking a walk in the crisp air, going for a late afternoon drive or simply taking a train ride.   Amazing Places To Enjoy Fall | Places To See Great Fall Foliage Top Ten Locations For A Fall Getaway   If you are not sure of some of the places to see foliage this fall, here are some suggestions of some cool locations to consider: Mont Tremblant – This exquisite location in Quebec offers more than fall foliage, as you can engage in a couple of outdoor activities within a backdrop of its spectacular beauty. Activities Readmore »


Thanksgiving Holiday in Canada

Posted by Doris Fontaine on 06th, October 2014
Thanksgiving Holiday Thanksgiving Day, is a holiday in Canada, is celebrated on the secound Monday of October each year. The Thanksgiving tradition observed since 1957 is aimed at giving people an opportunity to give thanks for the past year’s good harvest as well as other blessings. However, this has changed over the years with many households focusing on getting together for a dinner where they eat a large turkey.     Thus, turkey stuffing, pumpkin pie and apple cider are all symbols of every Thanksgiving celebration. This year, the Thanksgiving holiday will be on Monday October 13. The holiday was created following the proclamation of the Parliament of Canada and is therefore is a statutory holiday and most Canadians have the day off from work. post offices and schools are closed. day off work. Public transportion is limited on Thanksgiving since most businesses are closed. Prior to this proclamation, the first Thanksgiving Day was held in 1872 to Readmore »

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