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10 Things You Have To Do In Prague Before You Leave

Posted by Tony - Guest Blogger on 29th, November 2012

10 Things You have to do in Prague Before You Leave

Ever since the velvet revolution, Prague has become one of the chicest cities in the world. From hip cafés to Gothic cathedrals, this cosmopolitan city has built up its reputation over the years as an unconventional area that tourists absolutely adore. If you’re planning a weekend away in Prague, you’re going to want to pack in as much as possible. Before you get back on that plane, make sure you’ve checked out the following:

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

Prague food may be delicious, but it can be pretty heavy-going. For a six course meal with a lighter touch, book a table at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise. Foodies will love the recipes which date back to an 1880 cookbook.


Things to do in Prague | What to see in Prague

Things to do in Prague

What To See In Prague


Charles Bridge

Under the auspices of King Charles IV, this stunning bridge was built in 1357, complete with 16 arches, and 30 Baroque statues. Get here at dawn, and you can really soak in the beautiful views, but by the afternoon, the cobblestones are full of painters and vendors.

Bunkr Parukarka

Ever been to a nightclub in a 1950s nuclear bunker? Take up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to party hard to electro-pop underground. And hey, it can’t hurt to do some bootie-shaking in a nigh-on indestructible venue, can it?

U Medvidku Beer Hall and Restaurant

Established in 1466, U Medvidku has stood the test of time. You really need to go here if you like your ale and try out their X-Beer 33. Fermented for six months in an oak barrel, this pint has a whopping alcohol percentage of 11.8%. Before you take on this monster of a brew, line your stomach with the in-house dishes. True to Czech tradition the menu is packed full of wholesome nommies like larded roast beef.

Museum of Communism

Take a walk through communist Prague. The Museum of Communism depicts the lives of the Czech people under the hard rule of a one party system. Culminating in the velvet revolution that ended it all, this trip is both fascinating and engaging.


Can you believe that 300 bars are concentrated into two square miles of Prague? This past industrial suburb has an insane nightlife for those who are looking to party away an evening. Don’t come in your best suit. This area is a ‘beers served in plastic cups’ kind of place. You won’t want your air fare to eat into your booze money so visit cheapflights for flights to Prague.

Petrin Hill

If you’re tired of the city and are looking for a green place to relax, take a train to Petrin Hill. Here you can enjoy the Church of St Michael, which is a 17th century wooden place of worship that was transported from a village in Ukraine to the top of this 1,000 foot hill.

David Cerny’s Public Sculptures

Cerny has certainly got a knack for making people laugh and offending them in equal parts. Check out some of his most famous works, like ‘Babies’ – ten massive crawling infants – and ‘Brownnosers,’ where visitors climb a ladder to look up the backside of a giant statue. Inside there is a video of an actor (a President Vaclav Klaus lookalike) eating baby food.


Things to do in Prague | Prague Castle


Top European Destinations

Prague Castle

The largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle can’t be left off your list off ‘things to see.’ Decorated beautifully, the interior will take more than one day to see in its entirety.


* Photo Credit

* Photo Credit





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