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How to Get a Great Vacation at a Great Price with Last-Minute Deals

Posted by Troy on 12th, April 2013

Booking a last-minute vacation package is a great way to save money on a much-needed getaway. For most travelers, knowing how and where to find these cheap vacation packages is the hardest part. Here are a few tips for all those adventurers who need to get away while sticking to a budget.

Getting a Good Deal on Airfare

Airline tickets are a major cost of any domestic or international vacation. Travelers who can save on this portion of their trip can stash the extra cash or use it at the destination. Industry statistics show that the best time to book airline tickets is three to six weeks before you leave. Booking too far in advance or waiting too long can increase the cost by 30 percent.


last minute vacation deals

Last-Minute Vacation | Last Minute Vacation Packages


The Best Days to Book a Flight

Travelers don't need to be part of a secret society to know the best days to fly afford ably. While last-minute flights can have deep discounts, airlines may increase their fares during periods of high demand. Last-minute booking strategies are most effective when you're flying during the off-season or at off-peak times. Leisure travelers should avoid flying on Friday and returning on Sunday.

By flying on Thursday and returning on Tuesday instead, travelers can get competitive weekday rates on an extended getaway.

When to Book Accommodations

Hotels, inns and cruise ships all offer midweek discounts based on demand. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days for booking last-minute accommodations or cruise packages. Travelers can also find great deals by waiting for the right time. Many companies slash their prices two to four weeks before the scheduled travel date. The key to booking cheap vacations is to jump on the best deal that you see. If you wait, you could miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Affordable Vacation Packages


last minute vacation packages

Last-Minute Vacation | Last Minute Vacation Deals

Vacation packages often feature low prices on airfare, accommodations and rental cars. Travelers can also find all-inclusive vacation packages and cruises that include great deals on food and drinks. For even more savings, vacationers can look for off-season travel packages to popular travel destinations.

Cheap deals to the most popular destinations in the United States and internationally are easy to find.

Flexible Travel Plans

Remaining flexible with your travel plans is the golden rule for booking cheap vacations. While strategies for making travel plans at certain times or during certain seasons are very effective, being flexible and booking spontaneously are even better. One of the most popular methods for booking last minute vacations is to make the travel arrangements first and then determine what you'll do in that destination.

If you worry about your travel plans after you find a great deal, you'll be able to travel more while spending less. You could also visit an exotic location that you never considered.





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