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Travel Blog


The UK Top 5 Beaches

Posted by Jonathan Gordon - Guest Blogger on 05th, November 2012

The UK’s Top 5 Beaches

As an island nation with a long and intense association with the sea, it’s no surprise that the United Kingdom boasts an excellent assortment of beaches. From the bustling resorts beloved of seaside holidaymakers, to remote, windswept coasts where seabirds are your only companions, there is a beach to suit every taste along Britain’s lengthy coasts.

With this variety in mind, we’ve put together a list of our top five beaches in the UK – so which are your favourites?

Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

One of the best examples of Britain’s dramatic coastline, Bamburgh’s crescent of sand is overlooked by the atmospheric, turreted ruins of Bamburgh Castle. Wander the three miles of shoreline between Bamburgh Village and Seahouses, and if you can, take a trip across the causeway (only accessible at low tide) to the even more peaceful Holy Island. This wild coastal setting is perfect for walkers, birdwatchers, and especially those looking to get away from the bustle of modern life.


Top Beaches in the UK | Beaches in Great Britain

Beaches in Great Britain

London On A Budget


West Wittering, West Sussex

A perennial family favourite, West Wittering draws crowds during the summer but luckily has enough space so that you never feel overcrowded. Travel by bus or car through rolling green countryside until you reach the sea, where there is ample space for parking and picnics. Low tide offers superb opportunities for children, with wet expanses of clean sand perfect for castle building and warm pools for paddling and exploring. The brisk breezes coming off the coast also make the beach a popular destination for kite and windsurfing enthusiasts.

Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

Adventurous sorts will love the peaceful remoteness of this hidden gem, reached via a narrow and at times steep path over the wooded cliffs. Barafundle’s golden stretch of sand is worth the trek, however – sheltered from the Atlantic winds by limestone cliffs, it is a balmy, peaceful place to swim, doze, and contemplate the brilliant blue sea. It’s recommended to take a picnic to enjoy the grand seclusion, as there are no catering facilities.

Bournemouth, Dorset

Bournemouth is not a beach for those in search of solitude. But for those looking for a family friendly seaside holiday within easy reach of urban amenities, it’s hard to beat. Clean and spacious, with seven miles of soft golden sand, it’s a perfect setting for children; while active sorts will enjoy the range of water sports on offer. And there’s a historic link - did you know that the iconic beach hut was invented in Bournemouth, and that some of huts you can hire there are amongst the oldest in the world?


Top Beaches in the UK | Best Beaches in the Great Britain

Best Beaches in the UK

London Travel Guide

Sinclair’s Bay, Caithness

Another contender for the title of Britain’s most atmospheric beach, this remote stretch of startlingly white sand stretches between two dramatic 16 th-century castles. The sparkling blue waters off its shores seem to belie its location on Scotland’s far northern coast, but its scenic solitude does not. Frequented by whales, porpoises and an array of seabirds, it’s a wonderful place for nature lovers or those looking for an escape far from the bustling holidaying crowds.


Auto Bio: Written by Jonathan Gordon, an enthusiastic discount travel blogger from Edinburgh.


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