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Travel Blog


Victoria Falls Zambia

Posted by Eva Krakowski on 19th, July 2012

The Victoria Falls is a waterfall located in southern Africa on the Zambezi River between the
countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls Zambia

Adventure Trips

Travel photo of the day by Eva Krakowski enjoying a view of the Victoria Falls in southern Africa


Victoria Falls Zambia

Zambia’s Victoria Falls is one of the amazing spots that are worth visiting. This magnificent and
awe-inspiring attraction that is named after the British queen is among the few most unusual
waterfalls that in the globe. In fact, it is considered to be the ultimate curtain of falling water
you can ever find.

At least five hundred and forty million cubic meters of water passes over the two kilometer edge
every minute at the peak of the rainy season, going over a hundred meters below. The resultant
roar stretches 40 kilometers away while the mist and spray from the falling water covers 400 meters.

The Knife edge bridge is a special vantage point that gives visitors a fine view of the Eastern
cataract, the Boiling pot and the Main falls.Other vantage points include Devil’s Pool, Lookout
Tree and Falls Bridge. These two points offer breathtaking panoramic views of the main falls in is in
its natural state.

When to Visit

Victoria Falls offers different experiences depending on the time of the year when you visit.
For instance to experience the full glory of the falls then you need to visit in March and April.
Even then you need to note that the huge spray that is formed by the falling water usually
obstructs the 1688m width of the falls. You can however consider having an aerial view
as it is outstanding. You can be guaranteed of better views as the water levels decrease
especially between November and December. Visiting this falls at this time lets you see the
magnitude of the abyss as well as the impressive cliffs that comprise of the wall of the Falls.



Things to Do

A visit to Victoria Falls is not restricted to the glorious views of the falling water as there are
numerous other activities that you can engage in and enjoy the tranquility, beauty as well
as relaxing pursuits. Simply put, you can never run short of adventure while here from historical
experiences to shopping and culture, you can be sure to have everything in one visit.

Some of these activities include:

  • Walk with the lions – This rare opportunity lets you get close to lions without
    worrying about being attacked as these lions are rehabilitated and are ready to be
    reintroduced to the wild.

  • Bungee jumping at the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge that lets you plunge right into the
    bottom of Bakota gorge the raging Zambezi River. Perhaps the most remarkable
    bungee jump site that promises an exhilarating bungee jumping experience you can
    ever find. It is particularly recommended for adrenaline junkies.

  • Visit the Victoria Falls World Heritage National monument site that is part of the
    Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. This site gives you a perfect view point to watch the
    waters glide through the rocks. You can also take a hair raising walk across the footbridge
    through the mist to the knife edge. You will be treated to a magnificent view of the abyss below.

  • Take a thrilling journey to Livingstone island where you will bathe in the infinity pool
    known as the Devil’s pool that is at the edge of the raging falls. You can dive into the
    pool and then thrust your head over the edge for an astonishing view of the 100m drop.
    You can also swim or walk to access it when the water is low.

  • Go on a rafting adventure on the Zambezi River and brave the exhilarating rapids
    in the company of a rafting instructor.





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