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Travel Blog


Which City Break is For You Quiz: New York, London or Hong Kong

Posted by Guest Blogger on 21st, November 2012

Best City Breaks


With a long list of cities to choose from around the world, it is sometimes hard to decide where to select, when choosing an idea holiday destination. New York, London and Hong Kong are amongst some of the best cities in the world to take a city break; but the question is which would you enjoy the most?

Would it a Cantonese style holiday in Hong Kong, going shopping in NY or being a guest to London?

Answer each question on this quiz A, B or C and find out which city fit your style


1. You’re walking through a city and you are feeling hungry. Do you head off to find a:

What To See In Prague


A. A Hot Dog

B. Some Dim Sum and bubble tea

C. Fish & Chips


2. Would you class yourself as a:

Top European Destinations


A. Bit of a busy-body; enjoying the hustle and bustle of life.

B. A traveller; sometimes out of their depth but always loving it.

C. An all-rounder – trying to experience a bit of everything.


3. Do you like learning about history on factual tours?


A. It’s ok. I suppose I’m partial to a fact or two.

B. Very passionate.

C. I like learning about history; but it has to be fun and slightly cheesy.


4. Your ideal partner is in to:


A. Sports.

B. Frozen Yoghurt.

C. Music.


5. If you got dragged along to the theatre, what would you like to see?

Helsinki Attractions


A. Jersey Boys

B. Something you have never heard of before

C. We Will Rock You


6. What architecture do you prefer?






7. You fancy a drink. What is your alcoholic beverage of choice?


A. Anything as long as it takes the edge off my busy day.

B. A cup of saki.

C. A locally brewed pint.


8. If you had a quiet night, where would you spend it?


A. Quiet night? Are you crazy! Where’s the nearest bar?

B. Going for a walk in a beautiful public garden.

C. Watching a gig in a pub with friends.


9. Do you prefer cities that:


A. Never sleep.

B. Have lots of secrets tucked away in them.

C. Are completely multi-cultural.


10. And last but not least. Have a watch of these videos in their entirety. Be honest to yourself; Which would you prefer to visit?


New York city - 10 best places of the BIG apple


Hong Kong - Destination Report from Cruise Today


London - 10 Things You Need To Know

Count up your ‘A’s, ‘B’s, and ‘C’s now:

If you answered mostly ‘A’s – You should travel to New York.

If you answered mostly ‘B’s – You should travel to Hong Kong.

If you answered mostly ‘C’s – You should travel to London.

At the end of the day, you could easily pick any of these cities and get lost in them and find your own adventures. Go to the cities, explore, and enjoy yourself for a few days... you might end up staying there for longer than you planned!

Attached Images:


If Hong Kong was your perfect destination, a great place to check out is the Harbour Plaza Metropolis Hotel Hong Kong?





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